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Bucharest Perl Mongers

So, what is this all about ?

What's the goal of Bucharest.pm ? Not much! We just want to meet other perlers to exchange ideas, help each other, discuss topics, share information and the occasional drink

We also have a mailing list: bucharest-pm@pm.org. This list is being used not only to settle on session dates and places but for anything even remotely related to Perl, although preferably either in Romanian or about some language/charset/localization/multilanguage issues. But no topics are forbiden! If you want to join the mailinglist, send an email to majordomo@pm.org with the command "subscribe bucharest-pm" in the body of the message.

We are part of the world wide Perl Mongers group and play host to (as well as visit) others from round the world..

The site

Any errors, additions or (and there will be lots) spelling mistakes contact: alin [at]cpan.org .



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